The faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for; also: an instance of this. (Merriam-Webster dictionary)

For most of my life I have been a firm believer in planning. Matter of fact, I still do. I try. I try to plan everything. Meals, money, outings. Everything. I view not planning as a shame on par with wetting oneself in front of the company board during a presentation.

The last few months, however, make me a little more tolerating of ‘going with the flow’.

Ok, before I get in, I have an announcement. Just in case you haven’t heard.

I have started a business.

There, it’s on my blog now so it’s official. A certain someone will probably gloat but no matter. I don’t know how it happened to be this specific business but it just is.

Did I think I would start one? Short answer. No. I’ve never thought myself that kind of person. The entrepreneurial type. The independent type. I really, really expected to graduate, serve, get my 150 or 200 thousand naira a month job, work for a few years, do my masters’ degree programme (outside this country if I may add), come back and watch my salary triple, become a manager, retire, write a tell-all memoir, spoil my grandchildren and die…at the ripe old age of seventy-five.

How did this change? It started with a classmate who was posted to the same tucked-away, huh?-inducing-if-I-mention-it town that I was. He was trying to get into a university abroad and I thought, why not try? It won’t hurt. And for good measure, I also had an application sent to my alma-mater and got in. As a full-time student, however, you’re not expected to be fully employed elsewhere. Anyway, there are few part-time jobs anyway and I was really hoping to get this over and done with before I got a ‘real’ job.

As any masters’ student will tell you, the first months are hardest, the workload is crushing and you come almost everyday but it gets easier. By December last year, my schedule had settled down somewhat and I only had to be in twice a week. There’s nothing like having three whole days of the week plus your weekends to yourself to make you bored and willing to try anything.

Serendipity continues.

My mother receives this pile of perfume bottles. Though it’s not her core business, she agrees to try to sell it. And she enlists my help. I’m not sure what kind of salesperson I’ll make but I figure it can’t hurt for me to find out.

I sell the first box, the second and the third. By this time, that certain someone is pointing out that I have a business. I disagree fervently. By the fifth box, people are asking if that’s all I have. It never strikes me that I’ve hit on an idea. I keep saying, yes, this is all I have, until it hits me. Nobody usually asks another person so easily if that’s all they have to sell. I had, by a series of serendipitous occurrences, created a business for myself. Welcome Scents and Fragrances (a.k.a Fragrance Co.)

Now excuse me while I go rip my one year plan into shreds.

Welcome…anyone who kept checking this blog even through the long hiatus. The next few posts will be a lot more about the lessons of my life’s journey. I lay no claim to any special wisdom or secrets. I will only distil my experiences and what I have drawn from them to the pages of this blog.


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