TED Talks and I

It’s 5 am on a Thursday morning, PHCN has deigned to light our darkness and I’ve checked my mail for the tenth time. I’m about to shut down the system and go get another two hours of shut-eye before daybreak when I decide to watch a few videos of the TED talks. The TED talks are really an ideas forum where interesting people with ideas that are revolutionary and unique are invited to come and speak to an interested (and very appreciative) audience.

I first encountered the TED talks a little over a year ago at the home of a good friend and university classmate, Sayo when I watched the video of Chimamanda Adichie, author of Purple Hibiscus came to give a talk on The Danger of the Single Story.

I found it completely exhilrating. To hear an African like me talking about the things I wondered about but didn’t ask out loud.

The story (talk?) that got me this morning was about (from?) Aimee Mullins who has both legs amputated. I’ll just let you hear her for yourself.


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