Flick Fantasies

Cover of "Heat"

Cover of Heat

Hello, been a while hasn’t it?

I just got round to watching Bridesmaids and Super-8 yesterday. All I can say is…they were not distasteful. In fact, that’s all I’ll say.

Moving on. They actually got me thinking about my favourite movies and what I’d like to watch on the silver screen.So here’s a list of my flick fantasies.

We all saw and loved Heat. It was the ultimate for Al Pacino and/or Robert Deniro fans. They were cool in the old-world style that we all came to love about them. in the same way, I’d love to see Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio in a Bourne Ultimatum/Inception – esque style flick. All the cool and tough without Marion Cotillard. (no offence dear, I actually loved you in La Vie en Rose)

Still on the Inception cast, I’d love to see Ellen Page in an emotional role. She’s so cute and she might actually pull it off. Something along the lines of Phantom of the Opera. (sorry for drawing you back)

I’d like to see Matthew McConaughey act in a role where he is not a fool/loser at the beginning…oh, wait, I’m overstepping aren’t I?

Ok, over to you, What would you most love to see?


2 thoughts on “Flick Fantasies

  1. Bridesmaids and Super-8…….”not distasteful”??? Well, that comment is not making me look forward to watching the movies.
    Now, the part about Matthew McConaughey……..I totally agree.lol

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