The Curious Case of Belly Button

First of all, let me humbly apologize for this very late post. It will (hopefully) not happen again but as I happen to have a life outside of wordpress, I highly doubt that. I promised a bellybutton story and this is a short post so, here it is. the title is taken from a very funny tweet by a friend @osemhenA.


I was four when I started noticing bellybuttons. I was a secret outie. Meaning that mine stuck out but you’d never know it except I was bare. Everyone else in my family was an innie. I noticed those children who had bellybuttons that protruded as if a baby’s drinking cup had been stuck to their stomach. I carried my little secret with me from my childhood well into my late teens where – mysteriously – I joined the innie club. What joy!

What point is there to my rhapsodizing about bellybuttons? I’m getting to it.

I have a secret ‘bellybutton’. That fear that kept me humble and reminded me of how fragile and human I am. For some it’s so huge and everyone can see it. Others, like me, they carry their little secret everywhere with no one the wiser. The miracle occurs just when we’ve accepted it, resigned to it and are bent on living life anyway and find, to our greatest surprise, that we are now innies.


5 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Belly Button

  1. Sometimes I wonder if the solution to this isn’t that we all pull our shirts up and reveal our belly buttons putting everything out in the open.

  2. I have always been an ‘innie’. But, when I was little, around five years old……….I used to envy those who had the ‘outie’. *covers face*

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