Playlist Loves II

I’m moving on to what I call (on my laptop at least) my ‘other’ music. Don’t try to decode. It’s just my word for it. I also warn that I’m a bit of a stick in the mud when it’s this kind of music so you’ll hardly see new stuff with me except it has been ‘recommended’. That said, I now begin.

1)      Anything by Adele

I just got to really listen to her sound a little over a month ago so I guess I’m still in the ‘in-love’ phase where she can do no wrong and I’ll accept crap as long as it’s her. I’ll soon be out of it though. And then, young lady (she’s 23, by the way), you’d better shape up.

2)      Twork it out from Usher’s 8701 album

Do I need to explain this one?

3)      When I see you – Fantasia Barrino

This one just gets me for some reason I can’t explain.

4)      Most things by M.I with the exception of a (very) few

5)      Your Love – Nicki Minaj

Yes, I know, she’s Barbie doll-ish and all that crap but I just enjoy this one.

6)      The Man Who Can’t be Moved – Script

My ex-neighbour, F- , introduced me to this one…on his repeat playlist. I have forgiven him though. *adjusts halo*

7)      I’m yours – Jason Mraz

8)      You are my kind – Seal and Carlos Santana

9)      You gotta be – Des’ree

For those days…

10)   Party rocker anthem and Windeck

Just for danceability.


So this is the end of my music tale. I hope you have found it interesting. If not…well. I’m going to start next week by telling a story about bellybuttons. Till then, have a great weekend. J


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