Playlist Loves I

This is an all-about-my-likes post so if you already have a pretty interesting life yourself, you might want to skip it but if you’d prefer to stay and read it, (afterall, you have come this far. You might as well go all the way.) Let me first say that I am by no means a music connoisseur but I know what I like. And I begin!

I’d like to start with my Christian selection. First, because I listen to them more and second because I want to and this is my post. So there.

1)      Anything from the four albums (so far) of Casting Crowns

I absolutely love, love, love this Christian rock group. I never really thought I was a true rock fan until I heard their sound and their lyrics and their lyrics are simply divine (literally and figuratively).

2)      The Offerings II album of Third Day

This is another rock group I’m simply loving. I have them on repeat a lot along with Casting Crowns. I actually cried the first time I heard Nothing Compares from that album. It was – in a word – awesome.

3)      Faithful to believe – Byron Cage

This is another special. Just love how it’s so upbeat and it really picks me up.

4)      Joyous Salvation album by Joann Rosario

And my personal favourite is Restore to Me. I love this one for the same reason – very upbeat.

5)      The two albums by Sinach

Inspiring and uplifting. Something in the lines of Cece Winans. Beautiful stuff.

6)      Eledumare – KORE

7)      Don’t Leave Me – Dietrich Haddon

8)      Dawolemi (Not sure about who sang this one)

9)      Pour My Love on You, Let My Words Be Few – Craig and Dean Phillips

10)   Greenland album by T.Y.Bello

You will, of course, have noticed I didn’t mention Cece Winans. Not because she didn’t make this list but in fact, because she tops it. It would be really superfluous to mention her when I have ALL her albums. There are a bunch of others I really like but playtimes are few. Please comment and let me know if you agree with the selection and what you like instead if you disagree. Have a lovely day.


3 thoughts on “Playlist Loves I

  1. Totally love Casting crowns, esp beautiful savior, the altar & the door and my latest addiction, lifesong; ‘Born to win’ my favourite Sinach track as well as the unconventionally inspiring Greenland album. The stream is endless:

    These are just a few of my favourites: Really Upbeat tracks are marked with an asterisk

    -Michelle Tumes (Heaven’s Heart*, Blessings Flow*, Healing Water),
    -Avalon (Fly To You, Testify To Love),
    -4Him (He Never Changes, Chisel Meets The Stone, Let The Lion Run Free*, Measure of Man, Why, Puzzles),
    -Ten Shekel Shirt (Healer, Sweet Embrace*, Hero),
    -Newsboys (It Is You, Joy*),
    -Steven Curtis Chapman (Be Still & Know, The Invitation, Dive*, Speechless*, What I Really Want To Say)
    -Mercy Me (I can only Imagine, All Fall Down, I Worship You*)
    -Big Daddy Weave (Audience of One, Word of God Speak)
    -Jaci Velasquez (Just A Prayer Away, Where I Belong, Baptise Me)
    -Rebecca St. James (Reborn*, Song of Love)
    -Twila Paris (True North)
    -DC Talk (You Consume Me, Jesus is Still Alright*)
    -Switchfoot (Dare You To Move)
    -Sixpence None The Richer (Melody Of You, Breathe)
    -Nichole Nordeman (Holy, Never Loved You More)
    -Delirious (I Could sing of your love Forever)
    -Adrienne Liesching (In Christ Alone)
    -Barlow Girl (Average Girl*, I Need You To Love Me Remix)
    -Crystal Lewis (Lord I Believe In You)
    -Fred Hammond (Blessed*, Bread of Life)
    -Matt Redman, Tim Hughes (Once Again)
    -Out Of Eden (When The Spirit Moves*, Window*)
    -Bob Fitts (You Gave It Back To Me, Shadow Of Your Face, I Sing Praise, No Eye Has Seen)

    And I really could go on forever, Its awesome just how timeless gospel music is, like God’s word it never goes out of fashion, every song for a season, There are no Gospel oldies…ever.

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