Book Review: What the Dog Saw and Other Adventures by Malcolm Gladwell, 2009, Back Bay Books.

Cover of "What the Dog Saw: And Other Adv...

Cover of What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures

I distinctly remember the first book by Malcolm Gladwell. I hadn’t the slightest clue what to expect and as it turns out, I couldn’t have guessed. The next three books have made me a devoted reader of his works. What The Dog Saw doesn’t disappoint. It brings the usual mix of his human interest stories each with it’s own unique moral that challenges the way we solve problems individually and in the society.

He begins the book with a section on the varieties of what he calls minor genius and what makes certain people so good at what they do and why they consistently top their fields. He brings out odd reasons why they shine and helps us find their mistakes and how we can improve on such as in John Rock’s Error or imbibe their methods such as in Blowing Up.

The next session is on Theories, Predictions and Diagnoses. Here, Gladwell brings out the methods we generally use for solving our human problems and the assumptions that we inevitably make like the assumption that the more information we have, the more equipped we are to solve a problem. He also discusses some of our societal problems and arrives at the (now logical yet) startling conclusion that the solutions to these problems are not as easy and straightforward or even as moral as we like to assume. Let me state here that my personal favourite has to be Million Dollar Murray simply because the conclusion is so shocking.

Finally, he moves on to a section titled Personality, Character and Intelligence. This is my favourite section because he discusses the issues and myths we have about talents and intelligence and how they have shaped our world today in a way that least benefits us. If you’re sometimes slow on the uptake, like me, you’d perhaps take some comfort in some of the theories he puts forth.

In all, this is a good read and certainly worth it’s time. I’ll even give it a second over.


3 thoughts on “Book Review: What the Dog Saw and Other Adventures by Malcolm Gladwell, 2009, Back Bay Books.

  1. I have actually wanted to get that book for a little while now. I will certainly do that soon. Good stuff!

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