The Naked Face

It all began with chance.

A case of happenstance.

Walking away so easy that day

Yet familiar tuggings making me stay

And as you drew close my self preservation

Said, ‘Wait right there! Don’t come any closer!’

It didn’t scream loud enough for you drew ever nearer

First the wall broke down.

It seemed to melt away so quickly

Like a wall poster in heavy rain.

I don’t think you noticed it was there

But I knew it was gone the first time I told you

A complete truth without fear

With no thought

For its import.

Me beneath my cloak and mask

Wanted to run away.

Curious rabbit wanted to ask

Many questions and wanted to stay.

Wanted to know why you act and talk

The way you do

Wanted to know the true bulk

Unravel the mystery behind you.

The hand that used to hold the cape closed

Now gripped yours like life-purchasing gold.

The concealant comes slipping down

My hand

To the ground

I barely notice

For I’m looking

Right at you

It drops in a neglected pool.

I want to grab it

While holding on to you.

Clumsy effort!

I must choose

The cloak or you?

Now we are arm in arm

‘So what’s the harm?

He still can’t see me.’

I reason it to be.

The face beneath the mask

Buried like a cask

In the ground.

You stop and there’s no sound.

I’m taken aback.

Hoping not to catch flak

You’re looking at the mask

With questioning eyes.

‘Oh this!’, I begin the task

Of telling you the familiar lies.

‘It’s part of me, I promise you.’

Your reply makes one thing clear

It comes off soon

No matter how much I hold it dear.

We continue to talk

As we continue our walk

But we’re stalling

And we stop again.

Your hand reaching up

To lift my visor

I’m stunned

At your audacious move

But I let you.

The part of me that does not follow the rules

Lets you touch it.

And in that split second

That you see the hidden,

Shock comes unbidden.

To look upon the misshapen,

Mismatched and forsaken.

You see my naked face

And my mask slips back into place.



3 thoughts on “The Naked Face

  1. eloquent words..hope you well..

    welcome sharing your poetry with us, first time participants can share 1 to 3 old poems or poem unrelated to our theme.

    have fun today.

    keep up the excellence.
    hope to see you in.

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