Speech Stats

A phone made specifically for conference call.

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I like to go through stats. My blog, my email, I thrive on knowing details – it’s a habit of mine that’s been around. When I turned my attention to my phone and was looking at the usage stats on my phone recently, I was quite surprised to see that I’d logged over a hundred and seven hours of talk time. Now I am a very conservative user of the phone seeing as it’s been with me for almost two years and I am not in any way addicted to mid – night calls but the sheer amount of time that I’ve spoken for just took me aback – a little.

So I sit there thinking ‘over a hundred hours of talk time. What did I say?’ In view of the fact that most of these calls were made in few minute increments that’s a lot of calls to a lot of people. So what have I been saying to all these people? Have I spent the time complaining and carrying on? Have I spent the time making silly small talk or have I even said something brilliant to anyone in all that time? Have I ever said a word that helped someone get over something?

It’s easy to ignore what a few minutes can do but when they add up, we tend to start wondering where the time went and what we spent it doing. It reminds me of the part of scripture that says that men shall give account of every idle word spoken. That gives me a lot to think about, doesn’t it?


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