Lemons and Lemonade

From our youth we were told – “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. And so we frantically made plans, we wrote everything down; we had the ready answer for anyone who asked about our plans for the future. We were sure that if we worked at it hard enough, dreamed and prayed hard enough, waited long enough, at the right time it would all work out. Then we met life – and it happened to us. We got sidetracked and ended up in the embrace of disappointments. We struggled against the hurt and pain coming in waves. All the plans we so carefully made in youth collapsed – like a badly constructed house made with sub – standard materials – trapping us underneath the weight of the expectations.
We put a brave place on it but inside we retreated. The questions kept coming – like so many hawkers calling out their wares in a traffic jam when you’re in a car with no air conditioning – What is wrong with me? Why are things so messed up? The sound of them continued to filter in as time went on and you couldn’t shut them out.
And we thought and thought and then we understood. We knew before then – in our heads – but then we understood in our hearts. We knew that disappointments could never be avoided. That life – like an uncertain lover – could court or ignore us at any time. We grieved for the certainty and the innocence of hope that was lost. And then we accepted it – like the night. We accepted that and decided to live regardless. We decided to live and accept it and express our hopes cautiously. And in that lay our salvation…

Life isn’t only about holding a good hand; it’s also about playing a poor hand well.
Danish saying


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