Destination traveller

For someone who has always been a homebody, it is weird to find out that I have wanderlust (go figure). Now, travel routes, destinations and fares fill my head. My last trip took me out of base for three days and I had the total adventurer experience. Well, here goes:

  • Overcoming Inertia

Travel to a new place is nervous business and my whole body told me “don’t do it”. So, I pretended everyone there was simply excited and awaiting my arrival. Not that it worked but it helped me to keep the fear under control (take that dutch courage!).

  • Sights and sounds

Apart from the police checkpoints every five and ten minutes drive along the way I learned something about the communities I passed through where not even electric poles were in sight. I am extremely lucky to not come from there and not be serving there. People in Lagos, Nigeria…take my word for it. You are very fortunate.

  • Finding your way

Ironically, I had to go through two other towns to get to my destination. Thanks to an insensitive driver and I ended up spending two extra hours on the road. I am lucky I can laugh about my experience now but getting lost isn’t funny in any way and at night it is simply horrifying. I learned that I can handle many situations in life especially new ones without breaking down completely and sobbing. It’s good to know. Also, people are quite helpful … for the right price.

  • Returning home

I miss where I am coming from and some part of me wants to go back and explore but I console myself with the fact that I’ll be back soon. Besides, life must go on, mustn’t it? J

“A great part of courage is the courage of having done the thing before.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


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