The real deal on financial intangibles.

The people who usually talk about finance are either trained in that field or millionaires. I am neither. In fact, I am simply a fresh university grad serving the nation with a limited income. But maybe, just maybe that is what qualifies me to talk about income since I have succeeded in surviving and creating a life far from home on a limited income without needing (much) assistance from home. I’m not going to talk about the tangibles of savings, investing and all that because seriously, that isn’t what my finance is about now and there are others eminently more qualified than me to do so. So here I am talking about the intangibles of money that I have discovered by living on less.

  • Gratitude and faith

The first thing I learned was to be thankful for the fact that I had an income at all and that it was as much as it was. Yes, it isn’t much by my past income generation and I have taken a serious pay cut but it still is what I have and I’m grateful for it. I also needed faith. Looking at first I thought, ‘that will never be enough’. Of course, as time went on, I realized that it had to be enough or else I would have to make the shortfall up in some way so I had to put my faith to work for me and so far it has.

  • Acceptance

As obvious as it sounds, acceptance is absolutely necessary. Acceptance isn’t about lying down and dying thinking it will never change. It is about accepting the reality of the present and believing for a better future. I had to accept that my finances were what they were and learn to work with that.

  • Honesty

It’s amazing the number of lies that are told when money comes into the mix. Of course, the lies only make life harder but they’re so easy because they create an alternate reality that is more bearable. Obviously, this goes hand in hand with acceptance. Honesty – with yourself and others – about where you are financially makes for a healthy outlook.

  • Hope

Hope is a belief that things will not always be the way they are. Having hope keeps me going in the times when I get really fed up.

  • Generosity

In times like this, the temptation to hold back is so strong because it seems like it never is enough but at times like this sharing with someone who really needs it. This is not about squandering your stuff on people (friends or otherwise) who can get along just fine (thank you very much) without you and your help. True sharing is a powerful key to release.

  • People (especially friends)

What can I say? Life’s easier with company. And sharing with people makes life fuller and richer even in the face of scarcity.



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