New Dog, New tricks

Growing up, I always thought that my life would follow the pattern of all those before me. Graduate from university, serve the nation in Lagos, get a good job, marry and have children, get old and do all the things that old people are expected to do and then die – an old woman full of years.

Later on in the university, I edited that to include getting a masters’ degree (I hoped from a foreign university), getting a great job in a telecoms or an oil company with a great salary and then move on with the rest of the program.

Only after graduation and not getting to serve in Lagos did I think that my choices were leading me to a life of quiet desperation. Sure, I had always paid lip service to the ‘I want to change the world/make a difference/…’ Of course I assumed I would get used to living like that and somehow find satisfaction in it and find the spare time to change the world while at it. But, as I found in my few months of work and see daily in the tweets of others doing what I wanted to do, that isn’t the case. Yes, I may have endured but what is a life spent living for the weekends and public holidays?

Some of these things I still want but I realize now that my choices should be defined by what I need to do and not by what I am expected to do. Popular opinion can no longer determine what my life choices are. I have determined to find new tricks for the new dog. It is my resolution.


5 thoughts on “New Dog, New tricks

  1. Well, true in a sense.
    Big question is what is the essence of life?

    This makes you think bax=ck to the million dollar question that was so easy to answer at one time;
    What do you wanna be when you grow up.
    I should have been answering in all honesty
    I wanna be all that I can be … and “all” is a plenty number.

  2. val, the question of what life means cannot have a universal answer for everyone simply because not everyone wants the same things out of life but this is the mistake that people have always made by using cookie-cutter definitions and the point of this post is to challenge that. Now it’s up to you to list your ‘all’

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