The Prize for Dissidents…

Usually the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to those who have done the most in the promotion of world peace. Usually. It is truly odd when a recipient is hailed in the media as a “dissident”. Traditionally, a dissident is not seen as someone who brokers peace. But it would seem that, in truth, disagreements are seen as the pathway to peace and confrontation certainly has its rewards. Food for thought.

Congratulations to the incarcerated Chinese citizen, Liu Xiaobo on the award.

Ask the Gold Medallists

I’m certainly proud to see a Nigerian do well at the commonwealth games currently holding in Delhi, India. We all know the drill of things that will follow – presidential or at the very least, stately handshakes, product endorsements, promises of gifts and heaven… But nobody will really ask the pertinent questions about how she achieved such a feat and how we can help others do the same. But the world goes on and politicians in Nigeria love a winner. And we continue to have flash-in-the-pan gold medals…


3 thoughts on “The Prize for Dissidents…

  1. Hi Scott:Congratulations, I´m here from 2007, it´s the fist time in tis months where new content don´t sell, and approval times where more than 13 day and waiting.RegardsAlex

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