Li(f)e of Speed

Life in a high tech world is fun. It really is. You can get a lot of stuff done as soon as you want. You needn’t go far to talk to people you care about – a quick phone call or a text will do.  People on Facebook have an average of 350 friends meaning that; in theory, you can keep in touch with about 350 people or more without much effort. The average age for university and masters degree students is in free fall and anyone outside that range feels left out, slow or worse, dumb. Everything is happening faster and earlier and if it doesn’t happen for you…well, tough. We celebrate those who get things done quickly. Those who never had to stop or slow down for anything. Speed is everything in the rush for significance and everything around us – parents, friends, even the media tells us that constantly.

Nobody really wants to be insignificant and everyone wants to figure out the answers as soon as they can. But do answers come that way? Really? Answers take work and they take time. It has been proved that more than half of all university graduates aren’t sure what they’ll do with their lives after school. A shocking number considering the fact that we’re all in a hurry to make our mark in the world.

My take on this – speed isn’t everything. Sure you may get where you’re going faster than anyone else and be noticed for it but lasting answers are a result of work, time and patience. #justsaying


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