On End – of – the – World movies.

Cover of "The Happening"

Cover of The Happening

I just saw ‘The day the earth stood still’. It’s a 2008 movie with Keanu Reeves and Natalie Portman – not sure about her. It has a nice storyline I guess…that is if you’re into aliens but I guess that’s talk for another day.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

This post is about what I have observed to be the rash of end of the world movies that have been produced in the past years.  Talk about The Happening, 2012, Terminator 3 and the list goes on. The ways the world end are as varied as the movies themselves – from plants, aliens, machines – you name it, they act it. It would seem that, being box office hits, people are more interested now in how the world ends and it should, in a natural progression of things follow that people would be more sober, more introspective.

The true face of things is that more and more people are throwing themselves into life with no regard or thought for how far reaching their actions are and certainly no consideration for an afterlife. I wonder is it because we seem to follow an epicurean philosophyLet us eat and drink for tomorrow we die’? Or is it because in the movies man always manages to be saved from total annihilation just in time? Why do we suddenly have a whole generation of secular humanists? Answers anyone?


One thought on “On End – of – the – World movies.

  1. Pain is the only dialect all animals understand, yet love is the language we all want to hear. In this present world, chaos and destruction are often necessary to remind us that all we hold dear can be taken away in an instant (à la Job), reminds us of how fragile life is.
    These movies are always hits because they’re something the whole world over can relate with. Most viewers will be forced to stop and think, to re-evaluate their priorities, to take life (family, friends, loved ones) more seriously, to pause and enjoy the “little things”. Remember what happened during the 9/11 disasters? It didn’t tear nation apart, didn’t leave them open and vulnerable. Instead it brought the whole United States closer together. For a while old hatreds, enemies and grievances were forgotten, everything became more precious and valuable. Remember the quake in Haiti early this year? The whole world clambered around, and not just for the cameras…everyone was forced to stop and think again. It’s sad but that seems to be the way the system works. People speed through life with their priorities a blurry haze until the next round of chaos brings them to a grinding halt. Then cruise for a while in retrospect only to zoom off again

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