From The Kilometer 60 Camp

21 days at the McGregor was certainly an experience of sorts with major discoveries made which for me rival the discovery of America by Colombus. Lol.

• People skills – So I am a people person – just not for all kinds of people. I mean I actually told someone to be quiet.

• Strategy – Developing a strategy to keep all those whites clean, join and participate only in groups that interest me and in the last week of camp to avoid parade – sheer genius.

• Friends – Made more friends than I considered possible and they are looking like permanent fixtures.

• Food – My mantra was – Eat the meal while you hold ur breath or at least while the meat lasts – which look like maggi cubes by the way.

• NCCF – Keeping up the family tradition of NCCF membership though not leadership.

Almost every other thing was the same – parade parade lectures…you get it. Had fun tho. Ciao for now from O-girl all the way from Abakaliki in the salt of the nation.


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