Positive Talk doesn’t Work…

No, it doesn’t –  and I will prove it to you.

For the purpose of this article, let me define positive talk as the verbal psyching that I give myself and others when they feel down and need a pick-me-up.

I am great … It is well… I cannot/will not fail … and I can go on and on.

Put any way, it all revolves round one thing – to bring something to be that doesn’t exist at present. But the mind is a funny thing. It is so aware and has such a firm grasp of the obvious that it constantly judges me , questions, measures up what I say against what it observes and concludes from observation. When the mind comes up short, it begins to scream at me all the while I am speaking – asking for proof of what I say. So while I speak, the mind wages war. House divided against itself. After a time, the arguments of the mind become impossible to ignore and I become silent.

Enter one of the intangibles necessary for change…and success as a whole. The author of Earn what you’re worth, Nicole Williams – earlier reviewed in this blog – terms it Hope which she defines as ‘to desire with expectation of obtainment’. I would like to take it one step further and term it Faith which I believe gives substance to hope. I see that desire, expressed by my positive talk is not enough to effect change. An expectation of obtainment is also needed. But expectation does not get me there.  Faith – and I use the term loosely – refines my actions and silences my mind’s questions. It makes me refuse to accept an alternate outcome, no matter how seemingly desirable or easy to accept it may be. Faith gives me a control over the subconscious that is otherwise absent with plain desire. So I see that faith is the missing link in so many positive talk programs and that makes them fail.

Positive talk doesn’t work … without faith.


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