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Book Review: Failing Forward by John C. Maxwell, 2000, Thomas Nelson Publishers

…One question I used to hear was this: “If the possibility of failure were erased, what would you attempt to achieve?” That seemed to be an intriguing question and at the time it prompted me to look ahead to life’s possibilities. But one day I realized it was a really bad question because it took a person’s thinking down the wrong track. There is no achievement without failure and to imply that it might be possible gives people the wrong impression. So here’s a better question: “If your perception of and response to failure were changed, what would you attempt to achieve?”(Paraphrase mine)

-John C. Maxwell, Failing Forward

We are all inspired by the stories of achievers and how they rise from disadvantages and become superstars in their areas of endeavour. Somehow, we all recognise the common thread of adversity which they face and overcome before they hit it big time. Turning failures into strengths is not, however, a skill that can be taught merely by reading inspirational stories. Enter Failing Forward. In this well thought out volume. Dr. Maxwell has outlined the psyche of someone who can look failure in the eye and move on. It is highly recommended reading for all those who understand that life is full of adversity and are determined to make it anyway.

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